Question Suggestion for a good and stable DDR4 RAM Ryzen 5 3600x + MSI B450 Tomahawk Max build.


Sep 3, 2013

I'm looking for a 32GB DDR4 memory kit for my Ryzen 5 3600x / MSI B450 Tomahawk Max ATX AM4 build!
I'm not planning to do overclocking, just auto XMP I'd say!
Still undecided between 3200 or 3600 speed!

I just want to be sure about the stability of the system, not having issues with it and so i'd like to find a tested kit for my build.
Could you please suggest some tested models / kits?
I know I have to check on the QVL, but it's just difficult to find those models on the Amazon in my country!

E.g. I've found the following kits (sent by Amazon is what I need):

Math Geek

i have the Gskill aegis 2 x 16 in my 5900x system. i also have the 2 x 8 gb in 2 different 3600 and 3600x systems in my house. not had a single compatibility issue with it yet. not the most flashy ram but it has worked for me and i keep buying it :)

i boot it up once for a fresh build. then reboot into bios and turn on xmp and then forget about it. not saying the others are not good, just that i have personally used this model in my own systems.
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I'm using G.Skill TridentZ 3600Mhz myself with my 3700x X570 build but to be frank any 3600Mhz from the big brands that is listed as compatible will work just fine.
As for speed always aim for the higher clock speed with Ryzen it really likes faster RAM. Remember to enable XMP in your BIOS or it will run at 2133Mhz.

Always take a 2x16GB kit if you intend to upgrade eventually as there is only marginal (if any) advantage to filling all slots and running more channels. I have 4x8gb only due to an error on my part where I ended up ordering an extra set and decided to just go with it.
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