Question Suggestion for ARGB Controller ?

Aug 9, 2020
Is there a device that connects via USB and has its own software and I can connect all my ARGB components to this device?
That way I completely bypass my motherboard software.

I have used several 12 V 4 PIN to 5 V 4-1 PIN converters that 'claim' to be compatible with motherboard software but they don't work or don't work properly.
So I am not looking for those kinds of options.

Please suggest


Check out the A-RGB LED Small Controller from Cooler Master. Specifically, contact their Sales or Tech Support people for this detail. It now has a mini-USB2 port on the side I believe it did not have before, and comes with a cable to connect to a mobo USB2 header. I have been told this is so you can use the Cooler Master software utility MasterPlus+ to control the output of this Controller from your keyboard, and not have to use the manual buttons on the Controller box. This feature available on several maker's larger Controllers is not common on small manual boxes with buttons. But the web page for this unit does provide a link to that software utility even though it does NOT state that it will work this way. IF it does, that would meet your needs - an ARGB Controller independent of the mobo headers but usable by a software utility. (It does have the option to input an external signal from a mobo ARGB header, but you do not have to use that option.)

So, Contact Cooler Master and get a clear statement from them whether this new version of their A-RGB LED Small Controller can actually do this.

UPDATE: See my post of Feb 3/21 below and in your other thread.

By the way, just to ensure you understand something about other "translator" devices. It IS possible to feed the signals from a plain RGB (4-pin 12 VDC) mobo header into a Controller and translate them into commands for an ARGB lighting system. However, this will NOT produce all the fancy multi-colour (e.g. rainbow) displays an ARGB system is capable of. The plain RGB Controller system in a mobo is only capable of producing signals for the simpler sub-set of displays that a plain RGB lighting set can produce, so those are the only display types that can be shown on an ARGB system after the signals are translated.

I note you have posted a second thread about your situation that indicates you already have the larger Addressable RGB LED Controller from Cooler Master. Its manual says it can NOT be controlled by input via its USB2 port from the MasterPlus+ software, but I suggest in my post in that thread that you check in that detail, too.
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Oct 30, 2020
Using commander pro and icue here. For me would say asus software was not very good for control the rgb was not happy with it. Icue is better once have everything working.