[SOLVED] Suggestion regarding the reservoir size ?


Dec 6, 2014
Hi guys,
Finally got my hands on a 3080ti, and ready to build a new system. Here is what I plan to buy so far.
  • EK-Quantum FE 3080 Waterblock
  • EK-Velocity For AM4 CPU
  • EK SE 360 Radiator
  • EK SE 240 Radiator
The case is Lianli PC-O11 XL.

Since it is my first full DIY water cooling system, I was wondering if there a volume/size requirement for the reservoir?
I was thinking to go with the smallest EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 120 with D5 pump. Does it fit with my current planned 360+240 radiator fitting?
Or the volume/size does not matter, only the flow speed should be considered.