Suggestions For A Content Creation Laptop On A Budget

May 19, 2023
Hi there! Thanks for reading, maybe you can help me!
I've been researching laptops for a while now and I'm really overwhelmed with all of the options.

Basically, all I need it for is web browsing, video editing, photo/video storing, and easy transfer of media from my phone (Android).
I'd like something that isn't slow.

So far I've looked at Microsoft Surface and Macbooks.
I'd like to keep away from Chromebooks, tablets, and laptops that have detachable keyboards.

I'd like something around 2018 or newer.
Budget $500.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Please add info asked of in this thread;
so we're better able to assist you with a guided suggestion. Please add the name of the app's that you want to tax the laptop with and the sort of content you'd like to create.