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Question Suggestions for a KVM switch

Jun 17, 2019
I have 5 desktops in my office and I've used a Blackbox Servswitch (ServTest KV3108SA-R4) to connect all the desktops to one set of keyboard/mouse/monitor. It was the cheapest KVM switch with 8 ports that I could find at the time.

Lately, the Blackbox switch started malfunctioning. I can switch between desktops and it displays the desktops correctly. The keyboard works on all the desktops when I switch over to them. But the mouse control no longer works. For any of the desktops, when I move the move, there's no cursor movement.

At first, I thought the problem was the mouse so I replaced it but it's not the mouse. I suspect it is the KVM switch itself - I bought it 10+ years ago and after about 5 years, the mouse would hang at times and I would have to turn off all the desktops and power cycle the KVM. But I think the KVM finally had it.

Can anyone recommend a KVM that I can use at home? It can't be a rack-mounted one. It has to have at least 8 ports. It should be reliable and not flakey like the Blackbox one. And I would prefer one with DB25 ports because that's the cables I have running from the desktops to the KVM switch (PS/2 & VGA ports on one end, DB25 port on the other end). However, if the KVM comes with a USB connection, then I would replace the cables.