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Build Advice Suggestions for a PC build for €500?


May 28, 2019

one of my friends wanted to build his own PC.

He mainly wanted to use it for coding/programming (so basically work with it for school and stuff) and gaming (PUBG is one of them but doesnt need to run on high settings, 100 FPS. 60 FPS on low are enough).

Budget can be €500 but also above

I can only estimate on what should the money mostly be spent on but in terms of knowledge I am limited to the availability of components.

The only condditions the system has to have are following (list sorted by most important above and least important on bottom):

-1 SSD and 1 HDD
-8Gb RAM or even 16 if possible
-Intel CPU if possible (5.th gen at least or above)
-NVIDIA GPU if possible
-quiet PSU (prefferably from bequiet!)

Now my friend doen't even own any peripherals or a monitor so if you know a good 1080p monitor which maybe even has 120Hz and IPS panel for a cheap price I would be gladly to hear about it.

The conditions are too harsh and rude, I understand that. Sorry to ask for so much. I hope though you can advice us in any way.

Thanks in regards.