Suggestions for a PC case?


I'm looking into getting a new PC case for my build because the one I've got (while fantastic) isn't laid out well enough for the type of airflow I want/need.

So suggestions for a case that's anywhere from $50 - $100 USD is appreciated. You can offer me a suggestion for a case that's more than $100 but only if it's a suggestion that is justified and meets my requirements. I'm trying to get what I want without breaking the bank here.

Now on to the requirements for this case:
It needs to have a side panel window (tempered glass preferred but a clear plastic one will suffice if need be as long as it's a full window not a tiny one) because why else would I invest into RGB components if I'm not going to show them off.

It needs to support my Kraken X62 at the top of the case as well as fan support on the front since my main issue with my current case is that it has support on the front but not the top and that's where my RAD is located but it's causing me to not get cool enough air coming into the case which is causing my GPU temps to go up enough that my clock speeds are going down which is why I want/need a new case.

It obviously has to have a good air flow design so that I can fill it with fans on the front for intake and the back for output and have my RAD fans pushing air out the top.

Aside from the side panel, RAD support and air flow give me your suggestions to help me narrow down my search.

Also, I don't want suggestions for cases like the meshify series, s340 elite etc. that have that completely blocked off front panel that only has that tiny little slit at the top and/or bottom for intaking air. i want something that can support more volume than that kind of like how the Cougar Panzer does it but obviously don't suggest the Cougar Panzer because that's already on my list of potential cases.

But anywho, here's my hardware so that you can get an understanding of measurements:
Asus Z170 Gaming Pro AURA
Asus GTX 1070 Strix Gaming 8GB AURA
NZXT Kraken X62 rev. 2
Corsair CX600M PSU

If you need anything more details wise let me know.