Question Suggestions for a proper remote desktop setup

Apr 9, 2022
I'm currently in another city with a laptop but I have a really good workstation in my hometown.
I want to use that workstation to run some heavy simulations but I don't know what is a proper way to set up the remote desktop.
My laptop has windows 10 and that workstation has both windows and Pop!_OS. I will be only working on linux.
I will visit my hometown next month for a couple of days, so I can set up remote desktop.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance guys. <3
So the best way to do this is to use a VPN because it is more secure. If you are going to use line mode you could use simple SSH. Linux also support remote desktop but there is concern about it not being as secure as a vpn.

In all these cases you must have a public IP at your remote location and have port forwarding rules set in your router.

The much simpler way that also works when you do not have a public IP is to use one of the companies that sell remote access services. Something like teamviewer that is mostly free if you do not connect for long times. The only downside is your traffic flows through another company that might look at it as it passes so be careful of some of the tiny companies that offer this service.


1st thing is install DUCKDNS or similar DDNS service on your router. I like duckdns because it has copy and paste scripts for whatever type of router you might have. This will keep the IP address location updated at all times, so you can always find your home on the internet.

You also need at least windows 10 PRO to remote desktop. <Redacted by Moderator>

Set your PC to static IP address on your router.

In the motherboard bios of your desktop PC, set it to always power on after power loss.

You can use port forwarding or VPN to log into your home network. Then remote desktop into the IP address of the PC.
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