Question Suggestions For my new Build


Dec 28, 2011
Hello Guys.I felt a need to overhaul my entire PC except Some parts.Here are the rough specifications of my new rig


MOBO -,aps,645&sr=8-1


I already Have a 250 GB samsung 850 Evo which is running fine.So not gonna purchase a new one.I even have A NVIDIA 750ti 2GB card.I have some doubts regarding this rig

1) Is 4000mhz ram compatible with my MOBO.Or shoudl i change ram with lower frequency ?

2) Im not a hard gamer.So 750 ti 2gb Works Fine or should i go for another good GPU?

3) I want a Good PSU which is compatible with my MOBO And processor.My present one is 300W

4)I usually Browse and watch a lot of movies in my PC FYI.So any inputs regarding this will be helpful
That RAM is 3000MHz and is compatible.

However, the motherboard might not be compatible if it doesn't have the new BIOS update for Ryzen 3000. That motherboard cannot be updated without a compatible CPU installed. I recommend the MSI B450 Tomahawk which support BIOS Flashback (allows you to update the BIOS with only a flashdrive with the BIOS file on it.) Here is a list with other AMD motherboards with BIOS Flashback support - View:

Your GTX 750 Ti is fine if you're not big into games.

For a PSU you could get Corsair CX450/550/650. Those are good for low-mid range gaming PCs.
This Processor is 3rd generation right.Do All the above MOBOs support that chip ??
It is 3rd-gen. The motherboards will require a BIOS update. That's why they are recommended though, because they have BIOS Flashback support, which allows you to update the BIOS without a CPU. Just download and place the BIOS update on the flashdrive and follow the instructions in the manual.


You could just buy an X570 motherboard and it will be compatible out of the box. X570 supports the new PCIe 4.0, so there is that also.