Suggestions for PC upgrades


Jun 8, 2009
I have a ASUS P5K-e mobo.
Intel E8400 dual core 3.0 ghz
4 gig ram
500 gig HD 10,000 rpm
22 inch Acer monitor
BFG 9800 GTX
Sound blaster X-FI extreme gamer
Running dual boot WIN VISTA Ult 64 bit and Windows 7 Ult RC 64-bit.
Everything is running fine. But like to keep everything up to snuff once and a while. Any suggestions would be great.
core i7-920 w/ good cpu cooler
asus p6t v2 deluxe
6GB DDR3-1600 ram
4xWestern Digital Black 1TB (raid-0)
30" monitor 2560x1600 native resolution
Corsair 850TX
keep your case, sound card, version of windows
+1 for graphic card upgrade...
You can also try overclocking as E8400 overclocks very well and with a good aftermarket CPU cooler, you can run that CPU say 3.4/ 3.6GHz stable 24x7...
Though take care while you overclock if you are doing it for the first time...