Question Suggestions for triple screen setup or single display


Jan 2, 2017
Hi all i am looking on some monitor /tv suggestions. I am running a i9 10900k processor with 32gb 3200 corsair vengance ram and a msi suprim x 4080 gpu . I am currently on one 65 inch 120 hertz lg nano tv and 2 x 55 inch sharp 60 hertz tv's . What i want to do is maximize the benefits of the gpu with either one ultrawide monitor or 3 good high refresh rate monitors. I am looking to build a simulator rig to play american truck simulator in a triple or ultrawide setup. That being said i also enjoy a variety of games as well as first person shooters. What would be the best screen solution for my needs ? I realize in triple screen i would be running 5760x1080 how can i maximize my in game fps at that resolution ? And also have good hz refresh rates for 1440 2k ? . I would like something that would give me the best of both worlds maximize fps and refresh rate for truck sim in hd or 2k but also for other games like first person shooters. Would 3 x a certain monitor be a good option or should i be looking at something like a 49 inch monitor.

Appreciate any suggestions .

Thank you