Question Suggestions for upgrade from Surface Laptop 1 ?


Nov 21, 2006
I've had my Gen 1 13.5" Surface Laptop for 4 years... it's been awesome but it's time for an upgrade. This is my "couch" laptop so generally used for browsing, some office products, occasional low end games etc. I think it's time to replace it but am wondering what to get. My first thought is to get the gen 4..... but, besides performance, not much has changed. From what I have read, I cannot even see that the screen has been updated.

I love the size and light weight of the surface. So I want something similar. I have considered stepping up to an XPS so I can do a bit more gaming, but that is not the main focus. I have a high-end desktop for that. The screen on the XPS is amazing and I'd likely go for the 15", but it is significantly heavier. I have considered the Zenbook S, but I really don't want to go down in size at all -- if anything, slightly up.

Any other suggestions? Has the screen improved on the Gen 4 surface over Gen 1?