[SOLVED] Suggestions/help?

Sep 5, 2021
I am an Audio/video guy. Set up a whole theater in my room. But I am NOT well versed in the art of computer monitor manipulation. Ha. My question (or cry for help, as it were) is how to connect two monitors to my new build. For reference, I have a B550i gigabyte Aorus pro AX with a Zotac 3060 card. I currently have my work laptop set up to extend on two curved Monitors but that setup is 2xHDMI to USB-c. And I tried that with my new build but I am thinking video goes through my card which only has one HDMI port but three display port ports. I would like to keep my current screens set up with HDMI ran to my monitors. And I would also like to be sure to have extended display supported with this set up (needed for gaming). Any help would be appreciated!!