Question Suggestions on Gigabyte B550M S2H?

Oct 29, 2019
I am considering to build a ryzen 3 3300x on a b550 motherboard so that I can utilise its pci gen 4 for a faster m.2 storage, I came across this b550m s2h but I am not sure about its performance, any ideas guys or should I consider a different mobo?


For the Ryzen 3, it's probably ok, but it's still a VERY cheap, no frills, bottom of the barrel type motherboard. If you think there might be ANY chance you'll want to upgrade the CPU model to a higher tiered CPU down the road, then I would completely avoid this board.

Doesn't have a great VRM configuration to start with. Has no VRM heatsinks. Chipset heatsink is an afterthought. Honestly, it's a very poor choice. And, I don't even see it for sale through any of the PCPP vendors for the US or UK in any case, which doesn't tell me it's something that retailers are optimistic about selling.

What case are you using, so that we know what form factors it will support. Sticking with micro ATX is fine if you have to because of the case, but not so great if you don't have to and can run a more fully featured ATX board instead. Although, the micro ATX boards do tend to offer some cost savings versus full ATX.