Super Flower Leadex Platinum 550W PSU Review

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The 650W version sells for $85usd (here in Taiwan) and 750W for $100. Not sure why this company doesn't sell more internationally since it is at the top tier. As it is known for quality. Gonna be picking up a SuperFlower PSU with my next build.


Jul 12, 2009
"a midcapacity PSU likely won't be installed in a full tower chassis but in a much smaller one"

I don't know about that. You can put a lot of stuff in a system with a 550 watt power supply, whether we are talking about mechanical hard drives, PCI-e SSD's, network interface cards, or fan controllers. If you are bulding a dual CPU socket, 20 core system, a 550 watt power supply will probably be more than adequate.

On the other hand, a dedicated gaming system might contain two high end GPU's, a micro-ATX motherboard, a mechanical hard drive, and an SSD. That would require a high capacity power supply, but not a particularly large case.


Oct 31, 2015
Really awesome! Nice review. Thank you. I am surprised! In Germany the trademark Super Flower is still discredited because of some really bad test values, shown in some reviews of the last years. Super Flower PSUs stands for at least much pricey products with really bad performance and lifetime. So, this review demonstrates, that the concern did well in improving their portfolio.
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