Question Super laggy wireless mouse/keyboard

Jun 25, 2020
Hey guys!

I own an ARTECK wireless keyboard and a logitech M705. I own two of each kind in fact. However, randomly, for just under a minute, the keyboard is incredibly laggy, the mouse is laggy, or both!

My specs are:
ryzen 3900x
gtx 1070
64gb ddr4 3600
msi b450 tomahawk max

Just by the way, im not saying a little delay, I cannot type and then it catches up like 5-10 seconds later.

I have tried:
Updating drivers
reflashing bios
new devices
new ports

Still lag on BOTH at different times. Driving me crazy so any help would be fantastic, thank you!!
Jul 31, 2020
For me, the wireless keyboard (Logitech K270) had lagging and dropout. The wireless mouse occasionally had click dropouts. The cause was interference by the external hard drive sitting on my desk in a direct line (about 24 inches) between the usb wireless receiver dongle on the back of the computer. When the hard drive was moved back on top the computer or was on the desk with the data cable unplugged there was no issue.
Others have reported using a usb cable extender and placing the usb dongle next to the keyboard.


I suggest new batteries in both the keyboard and mouse.

Especially if you are still using the original batteries that came with each device.

Often the "included" batteries are as cheap as the manufacturer could get.

I started just using my own batteries right from the start after an incident with a keyboard battery that immediately began leaking.
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Jul 31, 2020
Late follow up.
Mouse batteries were the issue. It is not clear why the mouse batteries affected the keyboard with good batteries.
Thanks to Ralston18.

I had checked the key board batteries with a volt meter (voltage and current) and replaced them with a couple of set of new batteries that were also checked. The new batteries were left in. When the USB receiver was move closer it was better but shortly reappeared. Out of desperation, the mouse batteries without testing were replaced with tested new ones several months ago. The issue disappeared and for this last week the USB receiver is on the back of the computer behind the hard drive and shows no issues. It is not clear why the mouse batteries affected the keyboard.



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