Question Super low speeds on 5Ghz network (happened all of a sudden)


Jul 3, 2016
Hello. I'm writting this post because something weird and frustrating happened without me doing anything, at least I think so. A few months ago I bought this USB Wifi adapter that would support 5Ghz networks, since I had a router that also supported the 5Ghz frequency, and since the 1st day that I got the adapter I've always had excelent speeds (100Mbps Download/100Mbps Upload). Until today. I'm getting about 10 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload. I get 50upload/50dwnld on my 2.4Ghz network.

The only thing that I did to my PC was that I switched to a different GPU to test some things. I switched my RX580 for a GTX280 I had laying around, but I only had the 280 in my system for about an hour max. After that I switched to my 580, deleted the nvidia drivers and installed the AMD ones. I don't know if this low speed problem was already there before the GPU switch, but I only noticed it after that, when I was getting awfully low download speeds whilhe downloading a file.

I did not move my pc, the router is in the exact same place as before, everything's the same. Also I brought another pc to my room, plugged the same USB wifi adapter I use on my main desktop and I was getting the full 100/100 download and upload speeds, so the adapter is not the problem here.

I've tried every single usb port, I've resetted my router to factory settings, I've uninstalled and installed the network drivers. I even formatted my pc. I tried everything I could think of. But I'm still getting the same low speeds, but only on my 5Ghz network. Anyone knows anything I could try? This is driving me crazy. Thanks to everyone who read this and tried to help.