Question Super weird and custom display setup


So this one is right out of left field, and I am hoping someone has an answer :)
I have been getting into D&D a lot over the past year, and decided that this isn't a passing fad, and would like to build a game table. But being a nerd, I want to build a fairly high-tech game table that has some amount of built-in compute.

There would be 3-4 displays on the table. On the game surface, a large (but cheap) 4k display with a piece of plexi-glass for maps and atmosphere. On the DM side I would like 2 small 1080p displays for me to have notes, dndbeyond, etc. For this I was thinking of using some of these small USB3 or USB-C displays to keep things small and low (don't want to distract from the game, and want to see over this easily to interact with players and the game space.
Then, I want to have another small 1080p display that would be used for remote players. For this I was also thinking another USB display, but a traditional monitor may work just fine for this. Basically they would have a seat in the room, and then there would be a web cam in the room for them to see what is going on. We only need 1 as multiple players could be displayed on the same screen.

So the question is what limitations do these USB displays have? I am pretty sure there would be no problem having 2, but could I do 3? If USB-C then do I need a motherboard that does USB-C with video passthrough? or will it work via USB3.x if the port does not do display port? Any suggestions or ideas to add or modify? I am still very much in the planning/design part of this project, so I am very open to ideas!


Also, wrong thread, but any ideas on a super-tiny motherboard that would work well for this? Does not need to be powerful (just browsers and a video chat), but will need to be tiny (ie, ITX or smaller with no add-in cards) with lots of USB ports. Again, Thanks!