[SOLVED] Super wierd memory issue (only 8gb is usable even though windows recognizes the full 16gb)

Aug 29, 2020
I'm completely stumped, i have 16gb of ram (2x8 sticks). Windows recognizes both but only 8 are usable, the other 8 being "hardware reserved" whatever that means. Ive tried it all, going into msconfig with Run, updating my BIOS, enabling and disabling XMP, overclocking my ram, undervolting my ram, messing around with virtual memory, reinstalling windows, i put these same 2 sticks on another machine and they worked just fine, Ive checked with CPU-z and Speccy to see if those programs recognize my full 16gb and they do. Also for some reason my gtx 1070 has 12gb of total graphics memory??? Not sure what that's all about, and i think its whats causing my problem.

Sorry if this post seems all over the place and messy, im tired and frustrated lol. If any of y'all have any idea whats going on here or if y'all need more info let me know. Id appreciate it.