Question Surface book 3 and recurrent blue screens--fix, or return?

Jul 5, 2020
I bought a Surface Book 3 a few days ago. I've now had 4 blue screens of death in the last couple of days. The only software I've downloaded are Google Chrome, and Kaspersky Cloud Free. I can't identify a clear trigger--they're usually while browsing the web on Chrome, and I don't go on sketch websites like streaming films/tv shows etc. On Chrome, I use the same plug ins that I use on my old Surface Pro laptop, including ad blocker, a plug in to speed up videos, etc, and I never have blue screens on my other laptop.

Is there a common fix for blue screens of death for newly bought computers running Windows 10? Perhaps a firmware update, or something equivalent. Luckily I have two weeks to return it to Best Buy if I need to. But I'm extremely precarious to hold onto this computer now. I could exchange it for a new one as well, though I'd prefer to see if this one resolves..