Question Surface Book 3 connected to Lasuney docking station detects external display, but the monitor never turns on ?

Jan 26, 2022
Hello everybody,

I have been figuratively banging my head against a wall trying to solve this myself for hours, and after scouring every corner of Google I could access, I couldn't find anything similar enough to my problem, and I would really appreciate the help if there's any way I can fix this without returning anything or buying anything new.

I received my new Deco Gear 34-inch ultrawide display today (Link to Monitor), and I was so excited to use it for productivity and lighter gaming while at college with my Surface Book 3 (i7, 16gb RAM, GTX1650 Max-Q) that I added a Lasuney USB-C docking station to (Link to Dongle). When I plugged the power into the outlet and DisplayPort into the dongle, my laptop recognized the monitor. Correct resolution, was able to manipulate the display settings for the monitor on my laptop screen.

The problem arises when I was never able to actually get the monitor to extend my screen. Every time I replugged the monitor in, it would come on for a second only to put up a "No Signal" messaged followed very closely by an "Entering Sleep Mode" message, where the monitor would then turn black and I cannot interact with any of the monitor menu buttons or anything. After trying a bunch of random things, I thought that the most likely culprit for this is the Lasuney Dongle, but I have connected the dongle to other display devices before and it has worked perfectly fine.

If I could get some kind of magic solution here that makes all my worries melt away, or at least a little bit of assistance catered to my very specific situation, I would GREATLY appreciate the help.

Thanks so much.