Question Surface Pro 3 stuck on logo after booting ?

Sep 23, 2022
I have 3 questions that I need help with.

1 - How to fix it getting stuck on Surface Logo screen.
2- How to update the UEFI BIOS
3- Is there something ive overlooked and could try.

Here is the long version of event and what ive tried to do to solved it.

I have a Surface Pro 3. It wasn't used for a while, it was stored in a container with other tech.

When I turned it on, it was stuck on the the Surface Logo for who knows how long. (6 hours was the longest time I left it on the Surface Logo)
I tried booting into the boot loader (Holding power button and volume up) I got into the boot loader - tried a few things. Change the boot sequence, turn of secure boot.
Still getting the same problem.
I reinstalled windows 10 on it.
It worked, BUT i noticed (Compared to the Surface Pro 2 that I just I tested out) that the boot time was quite slow. And if it enters sleep mode it took a while to wake up.
Also - I disabled the touched screen because I saw that the device thought I was touching the screen in 9 locations which would interfere with the mouse. I thought it could be the screen protector doing that but didn't take it off. Disabling the touch screen stopped that issue.
I just thought it was cause because it was a fresh install of windows. So i updated the it and reset.
Now its Stuck on the surface logo again!!
I am at a dead end on how to fix this problem.
I thought maybe it was a bios issue (since i deal with desktops on a daily basis) BUT I do not know anything about this UEFI BIOS that the surface has and is missing SO MANY options that a tradition bios has.
THOUGH when I was writing this, it booted into windows update screen. Restarted and is now stuck on the logo again....