Surface Pro 7+ Thoughts?


Apr 20, 2012
With the announcement of the Surface Pro 7+ for Business/Education users, does anyone have any thoughts on the future of the Surface Pro line?

I had been interested in buying a Surface Pro 7 last year, but decided against it largely due to its disappointing battery life. That appears to have been remedied with a larger battery in the 7+, and I also like that the hard drive is easily removable now. But what does it mean that Microsoft is only making these available to Business and Education users? Do you expect that there will be a consumer-level Surface Pro 8 announced/released later in the year, or is Microsoft going to focus the standard Pro line as a business line and market the Surface Pro X to individual consumers?

I guess what I'm trying to answer is, should I hold out for a possibly more-upgraded consumer version of the Surface Pro in the near future, or is the 7+ truly my best bet for this year (assuming I can get one, which I think I can)?