Question Surface Pro7 charging port not working. USB-C does?


Aug 30, 2016
Hello everyone,

I ordered a surface pro 7 from eBay. The description was described to be like new with just an opened box. The warranty is still in effect and I have confirmed this. Now for the real issue and question.

How come the surface pro 7 won't charge with the charger? I use the usb-c to charge it currently and that has been working although this is a slower method of charging. I have done many of the recommendations such as uninstall drivers, shutdown and reboot, check all battery setting(even in BIOS), as well as reinstalled windows. The problem still continued. I have even used different charges and one brand new and they all light up white. The surface pro will show a charging icon for one second and then turn off immediately when I plug in the charger. Thats all the reaction i get. Please help. These things are pricey and I am not sure about using warranty as microsoft does not make it easy to use the warranty.