Surface Studio 2 Hands-On: All About the Screen


The Surface Studio was an interesting concept but I feel like the screen would be too big and impractical to do any finely detailed work on. Maybe for presentations and things of that nature but for Photoshop or After Effects? I'd go for a smaller tablet with a digitizer that's easier to control.
The art world is deeply based in Apple products since there was a time you couldn't run any Adobe tools on anything but Macs. Even video-editing software/hardware combos were based on Amiga and Mac platforms back then.

Now the same people who were using those Macs in the late 80s and early 90s are managing departments and teaching at universities. It's all they know and what they want everyone else to know.

I've used both Macs and PCs for edits and production and see little difference in using either platform in modern times, but the hurdle to get over for MS is the traditional use of the Mac platform for anything "art".

Also, based on my personal knowledge and experience with Surface anything, we had a surge of requests for Surface Pros for a hot second a few years ago and we only have one Surface Pro left in our operating environment with no new requests coming in.

Knowing the demand for Surface devices seems to be decreasing, I'm truly surprised MS sold enough Surface Studio version 1 units to warrant a version 2.

Is MS still really pushing to sell hardware or is this just another MS device they'll drop support for in the near future leaving their loyal customers out in the cold?