Question Surfshark VPN thoughts or newshosting ?

Oct 22, 2020
Hi everyone, thanks for the join. Looking at my first VPN generally for torrenting. Surfshark seems to tick the boxes with a cheap 2 year deal with kill switch,split tunnelling,no logs etc and registered in British virgin islands. but wanted to know any decent reviews outside online reviewers. I currently use a free vpn with max download speeds of 7 Mbps which is pretty good but it's not stable and drops out every now and then. I have also been told about newshosting which provides a VPN with the service. Can any users give any pros and cons to these services? VPN express is too expensive for what I need, not surf shark does the same. Thankyou
I would not trust any of the kill switch things they tend to not work.

I would just do it yourself. You can ether use the firewall or you can do it with routing...the routing method is kinda how the kill switch is suppose to work but many times doesn't.

In either case you want to limit the traffic so only the vpn tunnel IP is allowed. You might have to allow the vpn web site and maybe the DNS server.

In any case the route method is generally fool proof. You assign a static IP to your PC and then remove the gateway. This means your pc can only get to the LAN. You then use the ROUTE add command to put in routes for the devices you want.

So if the IP of the vpn server is x.x.x.x you would do

ROUTE ADD x.x.x.x mask

This assumes your router IP is

You could add other entries if for example you needed the web site for the VPN for some reason. You could also add a dns server but it would be best if you can avoid the dns since that is how you get leaks on vpn.

Which vpn service you try is too hard to say. It all depends on how good the path between your ISP and the VPN data center is and that also depend on what city you live in and where the vpn data centers are located. It also depends on where the actual server is located you are going to. Way too complex for someone to recommend anything based on performance since there internet is different than your internet.

I really hate almost all vpn services. Their clients mess the machines up all the time and they do not always uninstall cleanly. I only run vpn on a router which to a point solves the kills switch issues and is much better than vpn on things like phones or tablets.