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Jul 18, 2005
Hey im using maybe a 10 year old surge protector that i used to use on an old dos computer. and im im using this on my gaming rig. is that a bad idea? im pretty sure it is not the best idea. but i mean i live in FL (lightning capital of the world bla bla bla). is it necessary to get a battery back up cause it cleans out the power the best?

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Nov 17, 2002
Are you talking about just a normal surge protector? Like the power strip kind? I assume your arent becuase you mention batteries. If you have one of those cheapo strip power connectors, I would say yes and get an UPS.

People have mentioned that Cyperpower is a good value. You can also try ebay or a thrift store to get a used one.

If you have a UPS(Universal Power Supply) it will still protect your compter, if the batteries are dead you just wont get that backup power to shut down the computer properly if your power goes out.

About a year ago I bought an APC 200 for 5 bucks to protect an extra computer. The batteries were dead, so I payed 20 bucks to get new ones, considering this unit was around 200 dollars new it was a cood deal.

Crashman suggested a bettter deal on batteries for the UPS but I could not find the link.

Man, I thought I lived in the lightning capital(of at least the USA). I'm in Denver, CO. Your at sea level, I'm 5k higher in elavation then you are, so closer to those clouds.hehe

I have all my computers, stereos and etc connected to an UPS becuase I get lightning that hits close to my house, sometimes when it gets bad, I unplug everything!

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