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well , I just uninstall flash anyway and don't look back . hmmmm.... maybe why all these flash AD's don't work in these sites ?? then just a hand full of vid's don't work but I guess I did not need to see them anyway most work with ./ under html and play just fine

haven't had flash installed on anything in a long time and cant say I miss it

then I guess some are just stuck with it for ever and its security risks ?

These instructions are NOT applicable to Flash Player included with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and later or with Google Chrome on all supported operating systems

that foot note was recently added was not there last time I used there uninstaller , hmmmmmm.......... I guess you been 10'ed

I guess in the nd I rather not have flash installed then trust Microsoft anymore one less crap form them is one less thing to take my computer over or cause added issues from doing so

enjoy .


I would love to get rid of flash and java entirely, but need it for work. 6 year old RAID controllers that use Java as the foundation of their monitoring software. Old (and new /sigh) camera systems that are managed by flash elements in a web browser. Old printers who use flash on their management pages... The sad thing is that this equipment isn't going away any time soon. The worse thing is that I just had a door system put in that uses both flash and java.

I am not a sue-happy person; but we need some sort of class-action lawsuit to motivate these companies to get off of flash and java! These are dead and dying platforms with constant security holes being found! And we are stuck with the hardware and services that rely on these platforms for at least 10 years after the install. We need something like a FDA food label on software that says "this software contains flash and java which may contain security risks". Put a label like that on a camera or door system and see how many they sell! That will finally get these platforms to die!

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if you've got win 10, then you have flashed installed with the edge browser. can't remove it but you can disable it if you use the browser. if you don't use the browser, then simply disable flash for it and then never open it again like the bulk of the world is doing :)

while everyone else is moving away from flash in their browsers, MS still thinks it's an important enough security risk to force it upon you.


Apr 3, 2001

If it can be disabled, it's hardly forced upon you. Also a lot of stuff still uses Flash, and I'd much rather have the option to quickly and easily enable/disable the built-in Flash rather than dealing with external Flash straight from Adobe!


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if you can't uninstall it, then it is forced on you. it's that simple. i noted it can be disabled and agree it is not hard to do but i'd still like the opportunity to not have adobe on my pc. i know i'm old school and feel like since i paid for it, then it is mine to do with what i want. but i'll never cross over to the "OS as a service" mentality and be content to accept wholeheartedly whatever Daddy MS decides is best for me.

i will always tweak it, strip it down, and morph windows into what i want it to be and not what MS says i "need" it to be. windows 10 is no different and it will be beaten into submission :D
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