Question Suspected short circuited Motherboard. How much will cost to fix?


Feb 13, 2022
I have made an older build with an intel i7-4770, MSI z87 gd65 mobo, gtx 950 and a newer MSi a650gf power supply. I put these all together in an NZXT h1150 flow case, and the computer starts with all the fans at full power and no boot sound or signal. All the lights on the mobo are lit as they are supposed to, but no signal with graphics card in or out, or ram in one slot. I have tried it with an older mobo, and everything works just fine. I suspect that the msi motherbooard is shorted due to earlier improper building in the wrong case. I just need to know how much it would cost to repair it or if I should just buy a new one.
Nobody really "fixes" motherboards. The cost would be prohibitive and requires extremely specialized equipment. Even motherboard manufacturers don't both with "fixing" motherboards that are sent to them. It costs them less money to simply replace the board with another one and throw it in the trash bin to be recycled. Just buy a new one if there is a problem, and in fact, I have to say, given the age of any board you are likely to find if you can't get it for extremely cheap it's probably money that would be better spent being saved to go towards a newer system that would likely give you about two to three times the performance for not that much more than what you might be able to find a suitable new old stock board for.

Unfortunately, right at the moment those Alder lake i3's with four cores and 8 threads are out of stock but should be back in stock before too long. You can get an 8 thread i3 that will easily give you miles better performance than that i7-4770, plus a motherboard with M.2 drive support and 16GB of RAM for around 300 bucks when they are in stock. It's a better option, but it also might be considerably more expensive if you can find a good condition board for cheap. Problem is, most used boards are going to have already lived most of their useful life so it's almost like throwing good money after bad.