Question Suspected systemic issue? (Suspecting bad PSU)

Aug 4, 2020
I've had this pc for 8 years. Almost all parts replaced so its technically not old, and current specs are ok and allow me to run almost everything at high-ultra settings while gaming.
So when gaming i get random freezes with audio stutters resulting in a automatic reset (Its been almost 2 years since this happened last time, in which buying a new ssd and harddrive "fixed" it). I am pretty sure this is because of power surges from my power supply (Corsair CX 600m).
Over the years ive ran into this issue over and over. At first someone told me it was something called "Red sector" but i am not sure since that would indicate that its my SSDs or harddrives constantly breaking which seemes less likely compared to a systemic psu issue or something todo with my motherboard. I've been able to "fix" it multiple times but the issue keeps on reappearing every 2-3 years. I've replaced the psu and multiple harddrives/ssd but the issue still comes back to haunt me.

Should i just go and buy a new psu again and hope the issue does not come back? Need help.

EDIT: I've been monitoring my temperatures (both gpu and cpu) and they do not exceed recommended limits

PSU: Corsair CX 600m
CPU: Intel i7-6700K
GPU: GTX 2080
RAM: 8gb (dont remember type)
MOTHERBOARD: I think its called "Pro gaming" and i suspect its ASUS?


How old is your motherboard and can't you verify the actual model name ?

When you state that the incidents happens periodically with some years between, then you have to think back if this may be caused by some routine you have.