Question Suspecting motherboard is dead ?


Nov 4, 2020
Hello guys i build a new rig specs are
Asus rog strix b660 ddr5
Psu corsair 1000hxi
Ddr5 g.skill 4*16 gb ram
Cpu i5 13600k

ok so i build my rig and the last part was the rtx 4080 graphics card untill i got it i used this rig just with my old rtx 2060 and my rig was working very good… ok i got my last part that is the rtx 4080 so i switched the cards boot up my pc all the led on motherboard and graphic card are on but no screen display so i turned my psu off and after turning it on again my pc wint boot at all! no single sign for life. No led no fans spin no nothing so i checked my old psu if it works i took my rtx 4080 out and tried with my old psu also not working… so i suspect it might be the motherboard but how can i be sure? It might also be the cpu no? Another thing i notice when i power my pc it wont spin fans and no led but when i touch the motherboard heatsink it feels hot like its working or getting some power… this is very weird help me please find the issue i am lost….