SW for screencapture and editing


May 18, 2015
I need help. I am looking for SW that can capture screen and then basic editing like annotations, bubbles, pointers. We need at work sw to create tutorials to ease up our IT department in teaching others.

Thanks for help
what kind of screen capture? if all you need is still pics, then it is built into windows and its called "snipping tool" this will allow you to copy whole screen or a selected part to save.

the you can make annotations in any number of pic editors. MS paint will let you do simply text annotations and you could even do them in MS word if you already have it by inserting text boxes and other symbols. then snip it again to save all the marks into a jpeg. or make your tutorial in word this way and distribute it to employees as a word document or pdf for easy use.

you could even use something like GIMP which is a free photoshop alternative if you really want to get fancy with editing and marking the snips

simplest way and you likely already have all the software needed
other freebie i have used is win 10 steps recorder


it let's you record a series of steps and add annotations as you go for each step. not a full blown video recorder but is often ample for making a simple "do these steps" tutorial.

if you want full blown screen recording and so on, then hopefully someone else will offer a suggestion. i've not seen the need for more than these freebies so never really tried others out. sorry