Swapping processor


Apr 6, 2012
is it possable that i can put a duel core processor out mt compaq cq60 into my asus x58l that has a celeron inside has ive been told the duel core is faster and better im hoping that 1 i can and 2 this is true 3 its a simple straight forward thing to do please help thanks
Nope just doing a quick trawl and the CQ is an AMD system while the Asus uses Intel.

Would you could do is look on ebay and look for a compatible Intel chip to fit ..

PPGA478 socket P
Max TDP of 31w

So if you upgrade to the latest BIOS, you should be ok to use a Core 2 Duo T series, aslong as you stick to a FSB 667mhz model.

Just give Asus an email for them to verify.

Found this http://www.pchelpforum.com/xf/threads/upgrade-cpu-laptop.104667/