Swiftech's H240-X Liquid Cooler Also Patent-Troll Proof

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Aug 29, 2006
Society is in a mess when scientist are more afraid of Lawyers than progress.
No scientist fears progress. They do fear science debunking their PoV on a subject, but the best simply take it as "Well, I got that wrong... let's try on this subject!"


Oct 2, 2014
Society is in a mess when scientist are more afraid of Lawyers than progress.
No scientist fears progress. They do fear science debunking their PoV on a subject, but the best simply take it as "Well, I got that wrong... let's try on this subject!"
Another thing a scientist fears - someone else publishing the data first.
No, not at all..... the 100i's are $100 on newegg and are usually bought with a pair of quieter fans costing $30

1. The 100i and its ilk are made of a copper cold plate and aluminum Rads ..... extremely bad design. Her's what happens wwhen copper and aluminum are mixes in the same loop.


2. The 100i gets close to 70 dba .... the Swiftech is 1/6 as loud. The H240-X is 4 dbA quieter than the 220

3. The Swiftech H220-X is 7C cooler under load. The H240-X is 9C cooler

4. The Swiftechs kits are simple an assemblage of time proven custom water cooling loop parts that somebody has pre-assembled for you.

5. The Swiftech's loop can be opened up and you can add GFX card blocks, MoBo Blocks, RAM Blocks ..... no other AIO does that. How much is the 2nd pump and accessories gonna cost you when you cool your GFX card.

6. The Swiftechs have a reservoirs and visual coolant level indicator.

7. The Swiftech is the ONLY AIO to beat the top air coolers in temps, but at louder noise levels. VERY INTERESTING that at the same noise levels, nothing really beats top air coolers. The Swiftech wins by 2C but needs 2 dbA more to do it.

The H240-X looks like it will give the Cryorig a run for its money.



JNPE, You should also add
8| thanks to the pump you can add a tonne load of watercooling hardware (rads and blocks) and maintain very good thermals that air cooling alone doesn't give. True prices go up but when you look at it from a performance standpoint, temps drop on the GPU side can be seen to drop to about 40'C.

This would indeed be a true watercooling loop that can be opened up and expanded upon without voiding warranty.

9| also comes bundled with Swiftech's awesome 8 way PWM splitter which is really handy to have in tight quartered cases and not require a 5.25" front panel fan controller.
Those certainly are factors one might consider but ....

8) is same as 5) ... couldn't do 5 if pump wasn't strong enough but worth pointing out.

9) Z97 boards have plenty of PWM headers so it's kinda redundant on those. But aslo I'd rather use 3 pin fans with Phanteks PCB as it provides all the advantages of PWM and none of the downsides......no PWM clicking / hum at low speeds, no $5 premium per fan.


Alot of people complained about the 4 pin fan headers on the mobo's and I've read how devoid they were in terms of control via software.

JJ on his product videos for Z97 boards were probably whitewashed with the multi fan splitter cable where the true point was the CPU fan header was the only true PWM header on the entire board until Z87...thus why I brought it up. Most people would recycle older hardware and thus the cheap fan splitter can be a good offering.

Though the only PWM fans capable of watercooling would have to be the E-loop fans by NB and they aren't a $5 premium...and Swiftech Helix's are the only closest thing to Scythe's GT AP15's.
In Z87 the CPU headers are the only PWM headers on the boards, the rest are DC voltage....in Z97 every header is PWM. Corsair PWM fans are useless in a WC build with any kind of splitter....they won't spin down w/ more than 3 or 4 on same channel. I use Phanteks $10 Sp140Sps.... outperform any of Gentle Typhoons, Noctuas and NB's


The Top 12

Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS
Noctua NF-A14 FLX
Noctua NF-A15 PWM
Noiseblocker B12-2
Noctua NF-P14 FLX
Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120-12
Noiseblocker M12-S1
Corsair AF120 Quiet
Corsair AF120 Performance
Thermalright TR-TY150
Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120-14
Xigmatek XAF-F1453

I am controlling 15 fans on three separate channels using 3 Phanteks PCBs .... all controlled by FanXpert2 using 3 different curves.



Jan 8, 2013
actually i wouldn't mind buying a Swiftech h320 but availability across USA is a big problem...you can buy em from UK or Canada though...and i say it's expensive cuz their Swiftech H320 is available on NCIXUS for 150 USD...


Oct 5, 2014
Damn it! I just bought the H220-X last week...it was delivered 2 days ago. I ordered it from the Swiftech site and there was nothing on their site about the new H240 at that time. I even called Swiftech before hand to make sure they had stock and it would have been nice for them to say, "hey...we have the H240-X coming out in a few days would you like that instead and give us a bit more $?"

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