Question Switch from nvidia card to amd card

Mar 23, 2019
I receive my new msi rx570 8gb armor edition try to install it on my p9x79 deluxe I7 3820, 8gb ddr3 patriot viper x division2 1866mhz, psu ocz 800w.I desinstall the nvidia driver than my old zotac gtx 580 amp with 8 and 6 pin from the psu the rx only have 8 pin.I turn on my pc than the vga light turn on with 1 long beep and 3 short.So nothing come from bot hdmi or vga port and my mothe board don't have any port. It 's that something wrong I'v been doing or I'm missing some step because i don't see anything in the instruction of the card about reboooting the bios and went I put back my gtx everything is work fine


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