Question Switch from rtx to old gtx with big problem!

Jun 11, 2020
Hello guys!

I have a problem with my gpu. I returned rtx to rma and for this time I wanted to put the old gtx 650 ti boost oc 2gb.
This card did not want to start with uefi so i had to change into bios to csm.
the problem looks like in the screenshot. The card does not respond to the load (like freez)
the system works normally. The browser too, but when I run the diagnostic program, I see a huge tdp and Watts, clocks do not go up
before rma rtx everything was ok. I only have a problem with this card.

My pc:
Ryzen 5 3600 stock
Msi b450 tomahawk max
Adata spectrix 2x8 3200mhz
Asus Gtx 650ti boost oc 2 gb
BeQuiet system power 9 600W
Samsung evo 970 1TB
Toshiba hdd 2TB
Please help

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