Question Switch modem router config help

Mar 9, 2020
I’m going to need more ports in the near future so I purchased a TL-SG108 switch and then learned that it can’t go modem-switch-router like I had originally planned.

This would have been ideal for my setup since the modem is located in the basement and that’s where I also need the switch to be (drop down tv wiring and other electronics to plug into the switch) but the ASUS N66U wireless router I use strictly for WIFI is located on the first floor in a central location.

My desktop computer must be hooked up via LAN but I then need the WIFI of the first floor router for everything else all the while using the switch for LANing TVs and other devices. I dug up my old functioning Linksys E2000 router which I was previously using for ports (previously modem-E2000-N66U) but can’t think of the ideal setup and settings to have everything play nicely together.

Is my best bet Modem-E2000(WIFI disabled)-switch-N66U(switch cable to LAN port)? If so, any help with what settings to enable/disable on either router? The switch is a simple plug n play fwiw.

Also, should my PC LAN into the E2000, the switch, or either of them?