Question Switch motherboard from HP 8200 SFF to Elite 800 G1 Tower?

Jun 12, 2019
There is not enough room for a new GPU inside my small SFF case and therefore I have to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the motherboard is from HP and not compatible with the standards as ATX and such. I thought a upgrade from SFF to Tower may solve the problem, but I don't know if I can or I should do something else? Ah and yes, a new PSU too. What would you recommend me?

EDIT: I am not quite sure, because the website I bought it at, says the mainbord is a intel H61?

Saga Lout

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The big companies who make PCs usually use motherboards that have mounting screw points that don't match with the threaded holes for the standoff pins. Intel H61 has several different boards but they're all discontnued and you might struggle to find drawings that might help you.

Making holes in the side of a PC case is more than just a drill and tap job so try to avoid having to do that.

Sorry to be so negative but a lot of folks have tried and wished they hadn't. Have you considered scrapping the side of your case and forming, say, a see-through perspex sheet adapted to fit around your new PCI card?

I made one for a customer once and it worked quite well. A long slot in the perspex to allow to the card partly to live outside the box was the only adjustment and he was happy to be able to put coloured lights in teh case to be seen from outside.?