Question Switch Pro controller no longer connecting properly to PC

Dec 2, 2019
I recently got a Switch Pro Controller after the Joycons my Switch came with started to get the infamous "drift" problem, and I decided to try it on PC. It worked perfectly the first time or two I connected it, but now it refuses to work. It connects to the Switch perfectly fine, but when I try to connect it to my PC or Android phone via Bluetooth, now it does this thing where it says it's connected, but the green searching lights that go back and forth when you hold the sync button on the Controller don't stop after it "connects", leading me to believe it's not connecting properly, even though it says that it's connected in the System Bluetooth settings. Steam doesn't recognize that there's any controller connected, I can't play any games with it anymore. When I move the sticks on the controller a little black selector box goes over certain options when I use it in the Bluetooth Settings window, so clearly it's connected, it just isn't working right. I don't know what could be causing this problem, and I've tried everything that I could think of to try to fix it. I tried updating the drivers for the Pro controller and everything else in the Bluetooth section in the Device Manager, that didn't fix the problem. I tried updating Windows, didn't help. I tried connecting the Pro Controller to the Switch and seeing if it needed an update, but it didn't. It just worked one day, and didn't work the next for seemingly no reason. I searched for hours on the internet for this issue, I could only find like two that sort of sounded like the problem I was having, one had no solution and the other didn't apply to me. Any advice?