Switch to 64bit Vista for video conversion


Mar 24, 2010
Hi !

I would like to know if it worths to switch from 32bit Vista (current) to 64bit Vista (without changing my hardware):

Intel Dual Core E6400 2.13 GHz (10066 MHz FSB, 2MB cache)
MS 7318 motherboard with VIA P4M890 chipset (max RAM speed 266 MHz - DDR2 533, max 4GB, currently 2GB)
Nvidia Geforce 7650

My PC performance indexes are:
CPU 5,0
RAM 4,1
Graphics 4,3
Graphics (Games) 4,7
Primary Drive 5,8

The most extensive applications are the playback of HD files and the video conversion/editing software
(virtual dub and others based on ffmpeg). These utilize already both CPU treads on my 32 bit Vista.
I can't extend the RAM more than 4GB and it is slower than the HDD anyway.

Will it make those apps run faster (if use 64bit versions of them) ?
Will the change of video and audio buffer size in VirtualDub bring something, even with my current
configuration ?


Apr 14, 2011

Actually I'm using the 64bit of vista however there is a catch to it. There is no increase in program speed or system speed unless the programs are designed for 64bit enchanced. It is true that 64bit allows a larger file read rate than normal however there really isn't a lot of programs that are designed for it , they more or less just support it. So over all it's not recommended to change unless you have programs that you use that are designed for a 64bit OS.