Switchable Graphics


Sep 7, 2012
I saw a bunch of questions on here with no answers so I though I would try. I have a Dell Inspiron 7520 specail edition with 8Gb of ram, intel core i7-3612 @ 2.1Ghz and running Windows 7. The laptop also comes with the Intel Integrated Graphics 4000 HD but I can switch it to the AMD Radeon HD 7730M. Im not sure how to do this though. I can use the configure graphics option when i right click and set them to high performance but I feel like it is not working. When I did this to play skyrim, under the settings it did not acknowledge the AMD card there just the Intel one. My laptop easily passes the recommended specs for skyrim but it runs terribly on low quality. I have also tried changing the skyrimlauncher.exe to high performance but it didnt help. I was wondering if someone can shed some light on the AMD switchable graphics because think m doing it wrong. Thanks