switched cases & added controller card +2 HDD's, n


Aug 8, 2004
recently i did a complete transplant of my PC into a new tower. at this time i also added a PCI controller card and 2 extra hard drives. im using winXP home edition

booted up my pc, everything is perfect... except i have no sound.

what i have tried:
speakers plugged into LINE OUT i used originally
headphones plugged into LINE OUT
tried to run sound to my TV like i had done a thousand times before to watch movies

re-install sound drivers
re-downloaded factory driver pack for onboard sound
completely remove sound card and re-detect it
bought an entirely seperate PCI sound card, installed and set it up

nothing i do gets me sound on my pc. i dont know what else to try besides a complete windows re-install, which i am tryting to avoid because my biggest HDD is the one windows is on and it will be very time consuming to move everything over to other HDD's

let me know if you need any other info... is there a way to re-copy or re-install some windows files, or detect if i have some corrupt files or conflicts without completely re-installing windows?


Former Staff
It could be an IRQ issue, try removing the other card!

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