Question Switched from Intel -> AMD, having WEIRD issues with new SSD.

Jan 21, 2021
Hi guys,

So I recently decided to take the plunge and upgrade my PC. This involved moving from Intel -> AMD, specifically an AMD 5 5600x. I bought a new motherboard, and new SSD to go with it (cause why not!) Specs below:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
Aorus B550 Mobo
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4
250GB Samsung M.2 SSD (with Windows & old files on it)
NEW 500GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2

I initially purchased a Tomahawk Motherboard however ran into issues flashing it to latest bios. I figured it'd work with an old Ryzen CPU, so gave it to some professional PC builders (who built my initial PC) to troubleshoot & see if they could get it to work with an old Ryzen, long story short - the motherboard was dead on arrival, so ended up switching to an Aorus board.

The guys doing the build installed the new board, setup the entire PC with the new drive partitioned & said it was working absolutely fine. I went and picked up the PC, brought it home and instantly ran into issues - PC was being weird on first boot, ended up switching it off & trying again and eventually booted into Windows. I changed nothing from pick-up of PC -> switching on at home, the PC was transported carefully in the car, and no components were touched.

Now, the actual PC, CPU etc all seem to be working fine. However, the new SSD is seemingly causing numerous issues. It will appear on boot and then when trying to access the drive in Windows, it will say something along the lines of 'The Drive you are trying to access does not exist', even though the drive shows in Disk Manager and Devices. I've tried reformatting the drive and have succeeded multiple times, however upon PC restart it will vanish/not exist again.

Additionally, the PC will blue screen on boot with this new drive plugged in (about 4/10 times) with the error driver irql_less_or_not_equal windows 10.

I figured it might be a driver issue, so I reinstalled the drivers -> entered into BIOS and ran a 'self test' on the hardware (test completed successfully) and then booted the computer up. The PC booted fine, I then rebooted 5 times with NO ISSUES. However, upon leaving the computer on for an hour, it eventually crashed, and the SSD vanished from the disk/device menus.

I've since removed the new SSD, and everythings working fine. I don't know whether the hardware is faulty, or I've got some weird Windows issue causing the new drive to error. My gut feeling is its to do with the software as BIOS recognises the SSD everytime I boot.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm considering a new Windows install to see if its something to do with the switch from Intel -> AMD, as I've heard people having issues.

TL;DR New Mobo / CPU, new SSD periodically working but eventually crashing, often causing blue screens. PC working fine without SSD plugged in.