Question Switched from S/PDIF (optical) to HDMI; no sound. Windows 10 reads as still using rear optical jack?


Dec 30, 2013
In an attempt to reduce latency in Rocksmith 2014 while using my Sony HT-CT390 sound system, I wanted to try switching from an S/PDIF connection to HDMI since, apparently, the optical path has a bit of converting to do: digital to optical to digital to analog (thus the ever-so-slight latency between when I pluck a note versus when I actually hear it). Unfortunately, this hasn't been a plug-and-play situation. Things of note:

1) The sound bar still shows as a playback device, even if I unplug the HDMI cable from the back of it (I assume it would've disappeared as an option under normal circumstances since it's disconnected).
2) Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound: when I right-click the speaker's properties under the Playback tab, the Jack Information section reads "Rear Panel Optical Jack" as if I never unplugged the optical cable. I'm not sure why it's not kicking over to the G.P.U. (RX 580 Nitro+).
3) I uninstalled the Realtek(R) Audio driver, rebooted, and tried again, but to no avail.

There is no latency while using my headphones (front headphone jack of my desktop) nor my built-in monitor speakers (connected via DisplayPort). I'd just prefer to not be tethered by my desk by another cable (headphones) nor use the crappy monitor speakers when I have a 2.1 sound system to crank my bass and guitars through.

Any thoughts on the culprit (including myself)?