switchin to ati card from a nvidia card


Jul 24, 2003
well my gf3 ti500 recently burnt out..so i got myself a radeon 9800 pro. the prob is that i cant see crap(fragments then blank screen) on my monitor since the gf3 ti500 burnt out so..if i just put in the radeon 9800, will i be able to see somethin? i need a way to delete my old nvidia drivers and install the new ati drivers...but how will i do that?


You should be fine if the problem was with your old Geforce card.

At first, just uninstall the detonators and then install the newest catalysts. You should be fine, but if you get problems after that, there is a more thorough way to clean your system of Nvidia drivers. But I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens.

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Try starting in safe mode, and if you get a screen, set your video card to standard. If you still get bad screen in safe mode, your old card may have killed your agp slot.
It also may be that some of the copper traces in the slot are dirty or missaligned, and can be cleaned or straigtened. Good luck.


Aug 25, 2003
Hey, first off, If you remove drivers through 'remove programs',follow that by checking hard drive/programs folder to ensure all Nvidia folders are deleted. You may want to use Search if using XP to delete any files that may pop up. That way you'll be clear of any mishaps going into ATI drivers. Advice would be to download the newest drivers to a newly created folder in documents and install those upon completion instead, seeing as my ATI disk came with an uncertified drivers, which I didn't bother with.
Trust me. I've been playing ping-pong with Nvidia and ATI lately and have had no crossover trouble as long as I delete all previous files/folders.

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