Question Switching from 1080p 60hz to 1080p 144hz Monitor help

Apr 9, 2020
Hey folks, i'v been reading all over the internet that when you swtich from 1080p 60hz to 1080p 144hz you get some problems if you dont have a good speced pc and same fps as you refresh rate.
So i decided to come to the best place and ask this question so i can be sure.I mostly play World of Warcraft on all Ultra Graphics,and when i have v snyc on my fps is capped at 60,and when i turn it off it goes from 70-90,but if i lowermy settings i can get 120+
I currently have a 6 years old monitor which is 1080p 60hz with 5ms respons time from Dell,i'm looking to get 1080p 144hz monitor with 1ms response time,that is ofc if you all give me green light for this.
My specs are:
Intel Core i5 7500
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
And 16gb of DDR4 2133mhz RAM
If you need anything else please let me know,and thanks in advance for the help!


Specs may not achieve maximum Hz all the time but that doesn't matter because Gsync will smooth your experience as the frames happen on screen. It is a considerable upgrade and not just in games. General browsing and look of the screen is completely different on 144Hz in a BIG way.

Asus VG278Q
I would not put too much faith in advertised screen response times.
There is no standard for how that is determined.

If you can lower your settings and get an increase in fps,then for that game, your processor is sufficient to drive a better monitor and graphics card.

Likely, your upgrade will need to be both graphics card and monitor.

I am all in favor of buying a great monitor. They last a long time.
But, carefully consider what you want long term.
I would look at a wide screen monitor which is much more immersive in games.
You also would likely like 1440P or even 4k resolution.

Whatever, buy your monitor first and then you will better know what graphics is needed to support it at advertised specs. It is best if you can actually see the candidate monitor for yourself in a store.
Failing that, look for a good review.