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Question Switching from Intel to AMD CPU and keeping HDD files


Jul 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

I want to switch from my current intel i5 7500 to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x soon. I've already picked out the parts so no problems there. I looked for some info online and basically everyone suggests fresh installing windows to avoid issues. I think I will do this since basically 95% of people recommend doing so, but I really don't want to clear my 1.5TB of games, configs, pictures, files, etc. and having to go through the trouble of backing up everything which I need to back up. Is it possible for me to move everything but windows and drivers that need to be deleted from my SSD to another HDD (e.g. CS:GO and some random files) and just fresh install windows by only formatting my SSD?

Thanks in advance to anyone helping me with this :)