Question Switching from ips modem to my own


Dec 5, 2014
Hey, So im finally looking to ditch my isp modem and get my own but I know nothing about them so im hoping to get some input.. what would be the best modem to get? My isp is xfinity and I mostly use my internet for gaming/basic every day needs. I did a quick google search and saw a lot of sites recommend the arris surfboard 6190, but also read some that said absolutely do not get that modem because of a faulty chip.. so what do you all recommend?


It shouldn't be a problem. The SB6190 will handle up to 1000Mbps connection speeds, so it's more than sufficient. You might just want to verify it'll work, but a quick Google search showed other Comcast/Xfinity customers using that one. TBH, that's the router I use with my Spectrum (TimeWarner) service, & I've had it now for a couple of years with no problems.
They patched the issue modems had with intel chips.

Your first step is to look on the ISP site and see if that modem is supported for your plan. I suspect it will be but you must check. Cable companies have been purchasing each other forever. Many times the networks even in the same city are not the same and might use different equipment. Just because something might technically work the ISP may not support it. This is why you seldom find huawei modems on the list of accepted devices.

So if the modem is on the list the next step is to call the ISP and give them the serial number to activate on your account. You should also at that time also find out how you get the ISP modem returned and stop from being charged monthly.
For the so called "puma defect" I ran the puma app on my 6190 and it came back OK @60mbit. Pro: u can get this puppy refurb on eBay for like usd$50. Con: Runs hot to my taste, I have mine mounted sideway with the top cover off. Status LEDs blindidly bright.