Question Switching hard drives

Feb 9, 2022
Hello. I asked this previously but still preferred to ask again just in case. I had SSD with Win 10 and latest graphic drivers, cpu drivers etc etc. I then took it off and plugged in an hdd, installed win7 on it but then used far older drivers.

So, I want to unplug the hdd and put back the ssd. Question is, the Hardware (cpu, gpu) won’t damage or act up on me, switching whole OS with far different drivers out of the sudden? Does it has any connection to the bios or anything of the sort. I know for a fact win 10 updated my bios with no dare to ask me, but doubtful win 7 did.

Also for instance, I definitely noticed win 10 controlled the cpu differently than win 7. Won’t it frict or anything with sudden switch. Both windows used same spec hardwares nothing changed physically
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Jul 17, 2019
No Windows 10 does not update your BIOS. You can install Windows 10 in one drive and Windows 7 another drive. And you can change the drives as you want, it would not give any harm to your hardware.

But why you would want that I am asking myself, if you can provide more information.