Question Switching monitor off disables it completely (Displayport) ?

Harish Anim

Dec 9, 2013
I have a triple monitor setup, one of them is my drawing pen display, my main monitor is the only one connected through display port while the rest are hdmi,
I've had this issue for almost 4 years now, I figured it was a issue with my old 1060 graphic card and didn't bother with it, I recently got my 3080 and I'm still having the issue where when I turn my monitor off like normal, windows thinks that monitor is disconnected and moves all the windows to my other monitors,

After googling about this issue for over an hour, I only see complaints from well over 4-5 years ago with 0 resolutions.
My monitor does have a ddc/ci option but turning it on does absolutely nothing,
Is there a fix for this, how is displayport a common use thing with such a big flaw?
Jan 12, 2021
I was just about to post pretty much the exact same question. I have 2 displays, one main LG monitor on Displayport, and another side monitor on HDMI. Im using Windows 10. Whenever I switch the input on my main monitor to something else, Windows changes so that my smaller side monitor becomes the main and only monitor for the system. When I switch the input on my LG monitor back over Displayport it says no signal and refuses to connect. Even if I unplug everything except for this monitor, it still isnt detected by the computer. The only fix is to leave both unplugged for about an hour and then plug them back in and start the monitor first. Ive looked around in the display settings in Windows and the device manager, and it doesnt even detect that the monitor is connected. I would like it to NOT switch over to my second monitor and instead simply act as if the main monitor is turned off (I can turn only the main monitor off just fine without getting this issue, it only happens when changing the input mode on the display port monitor). I've tried updating my graphics card drivers, trying a different graphics card, and trying a new displayport cable. None of these solutions changed the behavior. At this point I just can't figure out whether this is a problem with Windows or my monitor, and what to do about the issue.